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Visual Chat

Welcome to Visual Chat. Visual Chat is a free chat server software package, featuring a 3D world, uploadable user avatars, whisper mode as well as public and private rooms.

The server software binaries required for running your own Visual Chat Server are available for download. The Visual Chat java sourcecode is provided on request - if you are interested, please contact

Maybe you also want to visit the author's weblog, the author's homepage or have a look at his current open source project, Vanilla - an ADO.NET data access framework.

This is Visual Chat's reference installation at Please use the login panel below to sign in (first-times users simply enter password twice for verification), and you can start chatting immediately.

If there is no login screen: Get Java

Visual Chat On Your Homepage / Free ChatServer Installation

Are you interested in embedding Visual Chat within your homepage, redirecting the people coming from your site directly into your customized Visual Chat room? All it takes is copying some HTML code. Or what about even setting up your own Visual Chat Server? The Visual Chat Server is freeware, and runs on every Java-enabled operating system, like Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Sun Solaris, and many more. There are dozens of other Visual Chat Server installations on the internet today.


You might want to have a look at the Visual Chat FAQs in case of any questions or doubts about usage, download and installation.


Visual Chat - GUI Prototype from February 1998 Visual Chat - Today

Check out Visual Chat's first GUI Prototype back from February 1998, and how it looks today.


This Visual Chat Server installation was made possible by the folks at Weirdoz.Org, who have been providing webspace and server resources since 1999. Thanks a lot guys!